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Kits PPK1 to PPK5 are designed to tame the power of all GG PRO250/280/300.
Kit PPK6 is an ‘upgrade kit’ for expert riders. This is the same kit as most JST GGUK Team riders use.

The GG Factory produces a 250cc, 280cc and a 300cc to cater for all levels of rider. As all riders are of different sizes and ability we can now offer these ‘GAS GAS Pro Performance Kits’ (PPK) so you can personalize and set up your bike exactly how you want it.

Below is an explanation of each part available and what they do. These parts are also available separately.

The 10 front sprocket is simply one tooth smaller than the standard 11t sprox. This lowers the gearing quite considerably. One tooth on the front is the same as 4 teeth on the back.

The Slow action throttle is exactly that. They have a black tube which is geared a lot slower than the standard white tube throttle.

The S3 ‘Tri’ grips are very thin in design and believe it or not, do help with arm pump. If you fit a new throttle, new grips are often needed.

The S3 cylinder head inserts are fantastic. If you fit the low compression one this makes quite a difference to calming the power. The opposite happens when you fit the high compression insert in the PPK6 ‘expert kit’ which ‘livens’ the power up quite considerably. From 2010 onwards the GG Pro’s were fitted standard with the two-piece cylinders heads so only the ‘insert’ needs changing. If your bike is older than 2010 then you will have to buy both the ‘outer and insert’.

Many people get confused with ‘Flywheel’ weights. The S3 ones we fit to the GG do not necessarily calm the power down that much, they just allow the motor to tick over/idle better and allow the bike to run nicer at very low rpm. They also let the bike ‘run-on’ better when you shut the throttle. They are very good for helping to find grip.

The S3 long front pipes tame the power at the bottom end making the bike slower on initial set off.

The Keihin carburetors make a BIG difference to all GG Pro models. The standard 26mm Dellorto carbs are great for production because they carburate perfectly and rarely change whatever the conditions. The Keihin carbs are 28mm so that’s 2mm bigger than the dellorto which increases top end power, this is why all the top riders use them. Also because of the 2mm bigger bore they make the bottom end power very smooth and clean. The carburation is a little more tricky to set up and can vary in different conditions but the Keihin carb we supply should be spot on for all 250/280 and 300 Pro models. Only maybe a slide change is necessary. Fitting the Keihin carb to a 125cc will improve the top end power alot but you lose quite alot of bottom end which is maybe not a good thing for a 125. It depends on ability of rider and conditions used.


Slow action throttle.

10T front sprox.

S3 ‘Tri’ Grips.

S3 low compression cylinder head insert.

S3 Flywheel weight with puller.

S3 LONG front pipe.

Additional information

Weight 1.850 kg
Engine Capacity (cc)

250, 280, 300

Bike Model

2002 – 2008 Pro, 2009 Pro, 2010 Pro, 2011 Pro, 2012 Pro, 2013 Pro, 2014 Pro, 2015 Pro


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