GG Flywheel Weight For GG Pro 200cc/225 models

GG Flywheel Weight For GG Pro 200cc/225 models

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These flywheel weights will fit any GG Pro 200cc/225cc model from “2002 to 2014 (will not fit 2015 models).

They change the power delivery making the bike smoother and more controlable ‘off the bottom’. They will help the bike grip better and help stalling…work VERY well on both models…. shrink fit, needing to be heated to fit onto flywheel. Three ‘tacks’ of weld are advisable when in position. Make sure the spark plug cap is pulled off before welding so not to damage the ignition.
There is also a lighter flywheel weight available for the 125/200cc.

The 200/225 flywheel weight comes with:
5 x Bolts
2 x GasketsW
1 x S3 spacer

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Need A Puller?

Including Puller, No Puller Needed


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