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S3 ‘6D’ 6 days asymmetrical trial grips

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We now have these new S3 “6D” 6 days asymmetrical trial grips to add to the S3 range of accessories.

The current real thin S3 ‘TRI’ grips sell very well because they feel so nice to ride with but they don’t last very long and with the SSDT in mind they wouldn’t last 6 hard days.

S3 have developed the new “6D” 6 days asymmetrical trial grips which will feel very nice because of their ‘dual compound’ and they will also be hard wearing because of their reinforced ends etc.

You will notice that the clutch side grip is also 10mm longer than the throttle side. The fashion nowadays is to have a longer clutch side grip and all the top riders usually stretch existing grips to suit.

They are available in 4 different colours

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