S3 Gas Gas Pro 225cc Kit (not for 2015 > bikes)

S3 Gas Gas Pro 225cc Kit (not for 2015 > bikes)

£619.99 inc. VAT, where applicable

SKU: S3 225 kits


These new 225cc kits from S3 are excellent. They are a modified 250cc cylinder to be fitted to any PRO125 or 200 bottom half engine. For those who want to convert their 125 if your son/daughter is now out of the Youths then this could be a very good option if you can not afford to swap bikes. Also for those of you that want more power from your PRO200 which are actually only 167cc !…..In the kit you get the 225 cylinder, piston, head, base gasket and head o-rings. We also advise fitting a flywheel weight which are also available at a small additional fee.

Please note, this will not fit the Gas Gas from 2015 onwards.

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Weight 2.000 kg


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