S3 Stars Cylinder Head BETA Enduro RR 250 / 300 2T ‘inserts only’

Forged in the best aluminum alloy to obtain a top quality component and high durability. Its new design has thicker walls and higher water flow to ensure a better cooling rate.

New design:
• Forging them eliminates the hot spots found on casted heads.

Different compression Inlet, what changes?
• Standard compression (STD): Higher torque and power at low revs. Even though it is similar to the original compression, you will notice the difference.
• High compression (A): Possibility to add another gear, better traccion and very clean response.
• Very high compression ( AA y AAA): Specially for altitudes over 1500m , or MX engine preparation.
• Low compression: Incedible traction, smooth response, ideal for X-treme, TOP pilots use it. It’s a delight!

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